Friday, March 1, 2013


Tonight I drove home with my mouth agape staring at the moon; trees streamed by, blocked my view as I ducked and searched–where is the moon?!

A champagne moon spilled out on its side, close enough to touch.

And the tree I've been admiring each night of class, in her bare beauty, was clothed in beautiful pink blossoms tonight. She looked alive. I like her bare and also in full dress.

What a beautiful night. The air feels fresh. The streets are empty and class was quite satisfying.


Ryan said...

Sounds like a great night. I enjoy trees and the way they grow freely in all directions. Beautiful image.

Rebb said...

Trees are amazing. I used to have a tree outside my childhood home. I'd climb it and sit up on a branch and look out over the street like a little bird.

And last night driving home from work, the trees near where I lived looked especially inviting in the glow of the setting sun. Silhouetted trees take me somewhere magical.