Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Few Books ~ Appreciation

Appreciation [n3] recognition of worth
admiration, aesthetic sense, affection, appraisal, assessment, attraction, awareness, cognizance, commendation, comprehension, enjoyment, esteem, estimation, grasp, high regard, knowledge, liking, love, perception, realization, recognition, regard, relish, respect, responsiveness, sensibility, sensitiveness, sensitivity, sympathy, understanding, valuation; SEE CONCEPTS 15, 409 (From Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus pg. 37).


I came across The Blind Contessa’s New Machine by Carey Wallace. Being a visual person, of course, the book’s cover first drew me to its pages on the Barnes & Noble bookshelf, and the title was intriguing. I purchased the book back in January, but have been pecking away slowly. Soon, I will be done. It’s a book that can be read in one sitting, but I’ve carried it out, with other books in between. I am pleasantly surprised at how much I am enjoying this story by this new author, this book said to be her debut novel. Wallace writes in a way that moves the story along making the images and setting come alive. Could it be that she was channeling the loss of sight of her protagonist to such a degree that it allowed her to blow life into this story as she has done and making me care about the characters? This has been a satisfying experience of the imagination, written beautifully and with care.

Next, I’ve finally experienced my fist John Grisham novel: The Summons. Even though there were many reviewers that did not enjoy this book, nor did they think it was his best, it suited me just fine. I appreciate how Grisham tells a well organized story in a straightforward way. There was enough suspense and curiosity to keep me going and it was easy to keep on going and finish quite fast. A good first experience with reading Grisham.

And last, a book that I learned about from “The Booklover’s Calendar” is The Man who Made Lists: Love, Death, Madness and the Creation of ‘Roget’s Thesaurus’ by Joshua Kendall. I was surprised that this book hooked me. Later, I looked on Amazon to see how others reacted to this book and most had negative things to say about the writing style and the content—two aspects that I actually enjoyed. At times, the narrative of Roget’s life becomes much, but I was still was absorbed until the last page.

Most fascinating for me is that in order to deal with the tragedies in Roget’s life, at a young age he turned to making lists and this would continue until his death. I think the reason I connected with the book early on was feeling a sort-of kinship with how we deal with difficult life experiences early on and how they have the potential for transformation. The potential is always there, I suppose. It is just a matter of actually moving along in some way, whether big or small.

Reading this book gave me a greater appreciation for Peter Mark Roget and his journey, leading him to the Thesaurus that we have all come to know—and not the first—this comprehensive ordering of his world that now rests on many of our bookshelves and computers, to thumb through for that perfect word—for that perfect, ordered, word— toward self-expression.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nothing in Particular


Today is addition day, and I feel like I’m having a dejavu. Did I write about addition day on 4-6-10? I have a hunch I did, but I’m not going to look.

I hear people closing their car doors, getting ready for their days—cars passing—the sound travels up through the open window, conjuring images of the sea: A deep resonance gushes through a padded tube of silver and white glitter, folding and unfolding. 

Busy season is upon the office again—tax season. It’s different this year for many reasons. It’s busy, but not as much as last year; or rather, it’s a different kind of busy and I’m in a different place, literally and figuratively. Although I like the mad rush sometimes, I will be glad when April 18 arrives. We will be able to let out a sigh of relief and take our usual reprieve the day after when the office closes.

Yesterday when I walked to the post office, I felt peace at the sight of the plum trees raining white blossoms, and of the breeze helping the yellow butterfly along. It was a treat to see that butterfly, since I had posted something about a butterfly that morning. It brought a smile to my face. I felt goose bumps down my arms and the sweet smell of Spring greeting my nose, and then the black bird streaked through the sky, right through the raining petals from the swaying tree.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Morning Cup of Frenzy with a Hint of Calm

Morning time is a frenzy today. I am obsessed right now with continuing to unpack the books that I kept, the journals that still need sorting through. I get caught up, distracted—the progress becomes slow. I do this before work, rushing, knowing that I wanted to go in early, but that I won’t be an early bird today. As I peak in folders of old writing, as usual, familiar themes. It’s mind boggling to see—yes, I’m still working on that or thinking about that: Different time, different place—same soul evolving.

One written scribble spoke to me today. Imagine—your own words speaking to you. I’m sure it happens all the time. I enjoy when it does happen, when I can catch the scribbles and say, yes, that’s how I feel today—or thanks for reminding me. It’s just ramblings, but here they are from April 13, 2004.


Learning is magical, yet it can seem frightening.
It keeps you alive.

There is so much to learn about.

By learning about different subjects, times, and people that have helped shape the world we live in, it allows us to reflect upon who we are and how we fit into the puzzle of life.

Who are you? Why are you here? How do you work?


Learn through smell, touch, sight, sound.

Many possibilities in which to enter the mystery of the world.


Beautiful butterfly, why are you so beautiful, so delicate, so mysterious?
Science explains your wonderful metamorphic process.
The poets express the wonder that you evoke in their souls.
History traces your origins.
Symbologists are intrigued with what you represent: Transformation, fragility, beauty.


Learning is wondrous, transports me to other worlds.


Side note: I suppose we can keep rambling, ramble on and on until we get all the rambles out of our system. Even though, it may seem that this or that has already been expressed, keep expressing. I guess that's my little bit of encouragement to myself--to allow myself permission to express what has already been expressed, both by myself or others.

~Happy learning and exploring!