Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Morning Cup of Frenzy with a Hint of Calm

Morning time is a frenzy today. I am obsessed right now with continuing to unpack the books that I kept, the journals that still need sorting through. I get caught up, distracted—the progress becomes slow. I do this before work, rushing, knowing that I wanted to go in early, but that I won’t be an early bird today. As I peak in folders of old writing, as usual, familiar themes. It’s mind boggling to see—yes, I’m still working on that or thinking about that: Different time, different place—same soul evolving.

One written scribble spoke to me today. Imagine—your own words speaking to you. I’m sure it happens all the time. I enjoy when it does happen, when I can catch the scribbles and say, yes, that’s how I feel today—or thanks for reminding me. It’s just ramblings, but here they are from April 13, 2004.


Learning is magical, yet it can seem frightening.
It keeps you alive.

There is so much to learn about.

By learning about different subjects, times, and people that have helped shape the world we live in, it allows us to reflect upon who we are and how we fit into the puzzle of life.

Who are you? Why are you here? How do you work?


Learn through smell, touch, sight, sound.

Many possibilities in which to enter the mystery of the world.


Beautiful butterfly, why are you so beautiful, so delicate, so mysterious?
Science explains your wonderful metamorphic process.
The poets express the wonder that you evoke in their souls.
History traces your origins.
Symbologists are intrigued with what you represent: Transformation, fragility, beauty.


Learning is wondrous, transports me to other worlds.


Side note: I suppose we can keep rambling, ramble on and on until we get all the rambles out of our system. Even though, it may seem that this or that has already been expressed, keep expressing. I guess that's my little bit of encouragement to myself--to allow myself permission to express what has already been expressed, both by myself or others.

~Happy learning and exploring!


ashok said...

Just had a moment now. I will come to read this later in detail. Lovely picture. It showed up in a icon on my blog ( in the blog list) so I clicked to check.

Rebb said...

Hi Ashok, Glad you like the picture.