Monday, March 25, 2013

Little Bits: Time, Memory, Seagulls, the Moon

We went to Carmel on Saturday and it was a wonderful time. After checking into the hotel, grabbing two sandwiches, our blanket, and a bottle of wine, we headed straight to the beach. It was slightly windy and cool. I had to go back to the car to get our sweatshirts, but it was still wonderful visiting the beach.

Little bits from the road (3/23/13)

circling together–
a sea of musical notes.


Time doesn't always make
sense to me. It speeds by. It
stands still. I don't notice it until
I start counting backward, back
to when mom died. Then, it sinks
in–just how much time has

Right now–I'll experience
today again and again for as long
as God allows me. Time really is memory–
nothing more, nothing less. This is the
time that matters to me.

Last night (3/26/13)

The moon looked glorious last night,
almost full. I saw it low and round, the
color of warm honey. That's when I went into
the grocery store. When I came out and started
driving home, the moon was nestled between clouds.
The faintest bit of pink hugged the right edge–I wanted
so much to paint what I saw.

I saw an abstract
whimsical clown in last night's moon.


keiko amano said...


Thank you for all the beautiful photos of the beach. I was tired, but now I feel refreshed. I love seagulls, stones, seaweeds, the blue sky and ocean. Because I cannot go there easily, this is great.


Rebb said...


I'm so happy you enjoyed the photos and that I was able to bring Carmel beach to you. Seagulls are beautiful birds, aren't they?
: )