Saturday, March 2, 2013



Rosemary and myrrh
in the pestle,
rose petals, frankincense.

Crushing bits down
to size. Blowing
dried pieces of fragrance–
ideas into the wind.

Rejecting and accepting,
taking nothing at
face value, diving deep
below the rubble, tasting, spitting out,
'knowing that I know nothing,'
knowing that I am but a remnant of all
that have crossed my path because
as the muse, Vincent, once said, I'm
"a song I've felt since before time."

We are all bound by consciousness–
stretched beyond the atmosphere,
in orbit, old souls–all souls–meeting again
in different forms.

Originally jotted down June 17, 2012
Vincent's quote added September 15, 2012


Ryan said...

I dig it.

Rebb said...


Vincent said...

I'm interested in your muse, being his namesake, and googled your quote; but found it nowhere but here and on your redroom site.

I follow all your posts, needless to say.

Rebb said...

Ah, Vincent, so good to see you. YOU are the muse that I speak of here. I hope you don't mind. I think in a way you are weaved into this whole piece–your essence that on a soul level I connect to. I tried to go back to a couple of your posts around the time I added the quote, but I lost patience in digging. I could swear that it was you either in one of your original posts or in a comment when you made that remark. I can't remember, but wanted to stay true by referencing you. In a way, since I've met you, you have very much been a muse. Your posts always stimulate my mind and senses in such wonderful ways–always much to chew on.

I've wondered how your writing group has been, if you're still involved in it, and if I recall correctly, you were going to head up a new one and act in a more directive role.

I miss your more frequent musings, but such is life.

I know you have a quite serious British side, and I also know you have a childlike side...I send you both a warm hug. : )

Vincent said...

I left both writing groups. There are lots of reasons I can think of, but there's no point in theorising about it. To leave was a liberation!

Yes, I lost patience digging too. What you said could be a paraphrase, but I know I could never have written those actual words. Accordingly I tracked down a post, probably not the only one, but certainly the first, which expresses that kind of thing.

No one every commented on it, so I feel justified in making some significant edits and republishing it as my next, perhaps today.

So again, you are the source of inspiration to me too.

Yes, that soul essence is something separate from my serious British side, especially the part which goes apoplectic about all sorts of progressive ideas that many others of my age find outrageous! But you won't get me spelling them out further!

Rebb said...

I can relate, Vincent. I felt liberated when I left the writing group I was in, and it was such a brief stint.

I see you've posted your new blog. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Vincent said...

You mentioned my "serious British side". I'll show you serious! I'm planning to publish an essay I once wrote, on the solemn topic, "The English Heritage: in what ways can the English heritage lead the world in the future?"

The year was 1958. The essay reflects the garbled view of world events obtained by a 16-year-old who has been urged by his headmaster to start reading the serious newspapers.

I'll show you serious!

Rebb said...

I will be curious to see the present day forward to your essay and if you still feel as your 16 year old self did.

I can't wait to read it. I can already hear your voice!