Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Day in the Park

There's something soothing about sitting on a park bench, watching the Canadian Geese bathe themselves and talk amongst each other. I sit off in the distance soaking in the rays of the sun; I peer over at a family sitting on a nearby bench, a son playing ball with his papa, laughing and laughing when he drops the ball. Another small family sits upon a blanket at the grass's edge, long enough to have a snack, then they pack up and walk to the playground. I look up into the sky, take a long drink of the sun. I'm ready to leave the bench and get up close with the geese. I sit on a rock near the water, take photos; utter relaxation and enjoyment wash over me watching these creatures with their warm chocolate coat of feathers, beautiful black faces, and long graceful necks. These creatures that I hear on occasion fly by my window–the familiar deep honk of the Canadian Goose.


Ryan said...

Nice pics. Just curious where you live that it's so nice already.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This sounds like an absolutely perfect day to me :)

Rebb said...

Thanks, Ryan. I live in California, near San Francisco. Even on cool days, it's been very springlike.

Keith, It really was a perfect day. I'll need to be sure to have more of them!

: )