Friday, March 22, 2013

Walking through Life

Indian Prayer

"Great Spirit,
Grant that I
may not
criticize my
Until I have
walked a
in his moccasins."

Two nights ago a restless sleep pushed itself upon me. I filled that space with thoughts of a story from Kitchen Table Wisdom about a man who used a visualization technique to help ward off his illness. Together with that story, I reflected back to a class. The teacher took us through a guided imagery to find our power animals. She turned off the lights; many of us took to the floors, laid down, made ourselves comfortable; others stayed in their chairs. It was a small class of no more than twelve. She put on a CD of drums and began guiding us with her voice. First we were to ground ourselves, knowing that we were grounded by the tree, then we were instructed to go down–down, down, down that trunk in search of our power animal. "It will come," she said. And if it doesn't, that's ok. Don't force it, just be." The drums beckoned us. The drum. A heartbeat. A familiar and enticing call.

My animal didn't come. I imagined a dolphin, but I forced it. Dolphin didn't come of her own accord.

Two nights ago a restless sleep came upon me and these moments connected their dots. I didn't force, rather I asked gently, for my power animal to come to me. Two appeared. First a crow, which was not a surprise. But the second: A unicorn. That was a very pleasant surprise. When I saw these two beautiful creatures, the space of restlessness grew into peace. I imagined these two: crow and unicorn there by my side to help me continue in my own healing and offering their guidance to me on my journey.

The quote above has been with me a long time, but today it wanted to come forth. I try to keep it close to my heart as I walk through life, one step–one breath at a time–open to all the wonders and differences of life.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Once again - wonderful introspection shown here. I have always wanted to write with that level of introspection but I think that's an inherent gift that either you have or you don't. You definitely fall in the latter company.

Rebb said...

Thanks...Hmm...I wonder if deeper levels of introspection can be developed in one's writing. I definitely know what you mean and I do believe that there are some things you have or don't. But, I'm going to think on it.

What happens when you try to write more introspectively?

Ryan said...

I did an exercise like this a long time ago and what came to me was a white bengal tiger. I don't know what it means but it still appears to me to this day whenever I meditate.

Rebb said...

A white bengal tiger...ah, what a great animal and how nice that it still appears to you when you meditate. That's powerful.

My own curiosity wonders how you felt when it first appeared to you. I imagine deep down somewhere, your intuition understands. Your comment also makes me ask myself and to reflect in general about trust, trusting our inner guides and intuition.