Monday, March 11, 2013

Tarot Card ~ Death

This morning felt like a good day to pick a Tarot card, to pick a card to provide some insight or inspiration in general, not necessarily for myself alone, but possibly for other wandering souls.

The card that showed up was Death - XIII Trumps

The essence of this card seems to be captured in the following introductory quote for this card from The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols by Angeles Arrien. I use the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot deck.

"The Death/Rebirth symbol represents the universal principal of detachment and release. It is through letting go that we are able to give birth to new forms. Cutting through old binding patterns allows us to let go of the old and give birth to new or unexpressed parts of ourselves."

This is something that I would venture to say that most of us know to be true on some level, but why is it so difficult to put into practice?

I look to this card and can see where I may be in the process; and there, again, I see that even in writing about it, my words are tentative.

I find the card itself to be a source of light...

Death himself–a skeleton,
working his scythe, clearing the
way, making way for new growth–

Unfold your wings and


Ryan said...

Ah, it is very difficult to let go of things in order for new things to come about. I'm finding out real quick in life that if you're not true to yourself and let go of things that aren't healthy, if you have any type of self-awareness at all, will almost go crazy. The death of things is almost always out of our control and the key is learning to let it happen sometimes. If you don't let go there's no room to grow.

Rebb said...

So true...