Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Evening Page

Spring is teasing with sweet blooms appearing here and there. The sweet scent of honey catches on my nose, causes me to stop in my tracks, to stand and inhale the freshness in the air. Dear Spring, it's so nice to see you again–to see traces of you on the horizon. I look up into that wild blue sky and want to spin and run through the grass.

Tonight my mind is content, yet it wants to see the blinking cursor change from a blinking cursor to words and thoughts upon the page. I'm distracted by the fact that I'm usually asleep by now and by a homework assignment that is due tomorrow and I'm distracted by a book that I want to read and another and another–and the night air and the moon that was full on Monday night and how lovely it was peeking down at me through the bedroom window and the stars looked bright last night and I always look for you dear moon and I'm sure to wish you a good night; I smile at you and I know you'll be there even when you're not.

My mind is still and at the same time its active, but it's not making any sense except in its own orbit.


Ryan said...

Spring....I think I'm ready for it now.

Rebb said...'s hard to wait, and then I want to be outside, not inside working. : )