Monday, February 18, 2013

Insignificant Intention

About a month ago, I looked down at my thighs and regretted donating my ThighMaster to the second hand store. That ThighMaster hung in my closet for years unused, so it made perfect sense to be gone with it.

I looked on Amazon to see how much they cost and didn't feel like paying full price. I practiced restraint as I was about to click on "add to cart." I told myself that if I saw a ThighMaster in one of the second hand stores, I would buy it. What are the chances, I thought. I really didn't think I would see one. I finally put the whole idea out of my head.

This past weekend, my significant other and I were browsing through one of the local thrift stores. He was in the men's section with other knick knacks and I was looking at shirts in the women's section. I had a handful of items in my hand, not certain if I really wanted the shirts and one sweater. My significant other called my name out, I looked up from the rack, then he lifted his arm to reveal a ThighMaster. I let out a happy gasp and hurried over. I took it from him and found a chair to sit on to test it out. This one seemed to have more resistance than my other. I have to get this, I told him.

He noticed that I had set aside a bunch of shirts and asked if I was getting them. I showed him each item and we agreed that they weren't that exciting. I put all the clothes back and left the store with a ThighMaster.

This time, I hope to keep it out of the closet.

Though this is a trifle in the scheme of life, it reminded me of the power of intention, stating our wishes, and having them manifest.

My one significant intention is to take my significant other to New Orleans. I've been there once as a solo traveller and loved it. I'd like to take him there and experience it together. I will have to save every penny.

I've visualized being there with him and am working toward this goal. It will be tricky to put New Orleans out of my mind–In my experience, intentions seem to manifest best when you've completely put the thought out of your mind and leave it in the universe's hands.

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