Friday, February 15, 2013

A Bowl of Miso Soup

It's been a long week. I think I woke up in the early morning hours hoping it was Saturday and not Friday. But here I am with my cup of delicious decaf coffee; the morning is feeling pretty good.

While I was cleaning out my lunch bag yesterday, I found a short story that I wrote about a month ago and had been carrying around because I wanted to edit it. I hadn't gotten around to it. I tossed the story in my book bag to take to class to read during break. It's a simple story. I read through it, and didn't have much to change. I think I will post it soon–I'm telling myself that here on the page, so that I can hold myself to it. I've done that before; it doesn't always work.

This week at work we had one of our working "team meeting" lunches. There are only three of us. We went to one of my favorite Japanese restaurants this time.

I'm the dreamer of the group. The others are creative in their own way and have fun sides, but are also very pragmatic. I often get sidetracked when we walk to our destination. I get lost in the sky, the flowers we pass, the cloud formations, the window displays–I love interacting with my environment and being right there.

When our miso soup was served, I looked inside my bowl before taking it in my hands to take a sip and I saw a face–I actually see faces a lot–not a whole lot, but I see them enough, I see the spirit in things. But, back to the soup. The onion slices and tofu were making the cutest face and I said to them there's a face in my soup and pulled out my iPod Touch and snapped a photo. The boss had a flippant comment in response to when I said I see faces in things. I'm used to it; and I think he's used to my fascination with life.

Back at the office, my co-worker sent me an email that he had subscribed to "The Scientific American Mind" and said the current issue sounded interesting. There was an article on mindfulness and in his email he said that mindfulness eludes him. I was thinking of a response back to him when I had a light bulb moment that I knew he would "get." He liked it and this is what it was:

Mindfulness is as simple as seeing a smile in a bowl of miso soup.


ZACL said...

A quietly simple philosophy.

Ryan said...

I appreciate your outlook on life. For some it's an easy way of seeing things, it just comes natural to them. For others, such as myself, it's difficult and i have to work for it. And you're absolutely right, mindfulness is that simple.

Rebb said...

ZACL, Yes, and the quietly simple is always within grasp.

Rebb said...

Ryan, Thanks for the reminder about how for some it is difficult. Even though I know this at some level, it's still easy to forget that others don't always perceive the world as we do.