Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Against the chill night sky

It was a crisp night at school last week. I looked up at the sky as I usually do and I breathed in the clarity. I walked by a tree and snapped as many pictures as I could with my mind, so that later when I felt the moment was right, I would try to capture it in words.

The moment came when I was waiting for my car to warm up the following morning. (it's really a small pick up truck, but I call it my car). As I was waiting, I took in the sights. My eyes paused on a tree that reminded me of that night. I took out my miniature notebook and sealed the moment in my memory.


against the chill night sky,
sparse trees reveal their
strength through
bare branches.
reaching for the sky–
outstretched, fearless.


Ryan said...


Rebb said...

Thank you!

keiko amano said...

Yes, trees in winter are especially brave. I want to be like them.

Rebb said...

Keiko, I saw the trees again last night. I am filled with such a wonderful feeling when I approach them and walk past. They give me strenght. I also walked past a blooming tree. I couldn't see the blooms. I smelled their sweet scent first in the night air, and then I squinted my eyes to see the blooms in the dark. That was another treat.