Friday, April 13, 2012

Two Moments: Lentils and Pansy Amongst Calm Pebbles

The other day I made lentil soup only I didn’t add any seasonings other than salt and later other vegetables.  I’ve come to accept that I like lentils best simmered in salted water with lots of garlic cloves.

When I began, I poured the lentils into the strainer to sift through and take out the bad ones; I lost myself into the calm. Fingers sweeping carefully, feeling the lightness in these humble legumes all the while wondering am I being too picky? There are lentils that are not suited to be included and must be tossed because they appear damaged, but then there are others that are in between. Sifting and sifting, I am as though in a rock garden, raking my lentils, admiring the pale green skin of these legumes.

It’s time.

I’ve sifted enough, taken possibly longer than was necessary to enjoy the moment of being fully attentive to these lentils. I put the colander under the running water to rinse and yet another mingling with these legumes, heavier with the weight of the water, bathing and readying them for the pot of water.

I like taking photos with my camera—and also with pen, pencil, paper, napkins—with words. I like seeing emotions through my camera and also with words. I like taking pictures; seeing images—creating images with my whole being, filtering what I see through to—in my heart, my gut, down my spine, to my arms—causing my hand to move into motion.

I like taking photos with words and with my camera.  One informs the other.

This is my second pansy photo. The feeling from both is slightly different for me. The colors, the flowers in the background, the angles, close or far, sun drenched or partially shady. I call this one Zen Pansy because it reminds me of a Japanese rock garden. I noticed the small rocks when I was taking the photo and I was being sure to include them in the composition, but when I later viewed the photo at home, that’s when I really felt the tranquility and I saw the rock garden and I had that same feeling as with the lentils earlier in the week.

I love rocks and pebbles—earth—and I saw and felt the presence in these two separate moments—small but significant pebbles.


lentils in pebbles
pebbles in lentils
she sifts and rakes
calm pansy—
rock garden within

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