Monday, April 30, 2012

Portland – Green Trees and Colorful Skies

We had a really nice weekend trip to Portland, Oregon, this past weekend. Oddly enough, as much as I wanted sunshine a few weeks ago, I immediately missed the cool gray mornings that we left behind in Portland when we were back home. We did see blue skies, some drizzly rain, and sun, but I really learned to appreciate and even savor the cool days. Not cold, but just the right amount of cool to walk to my heart’s content with a jacket and not feel like I was overheating. I loved the weather and I miss it, especially since it was super hot here when we got back, so hot it sapped the energy out of me and the sun beat down on me and made me yearn for Portland’s gray skies and brisk air.

I also noticed that because of an abundance of green trees, potted flowers, and public art all around, as well as colorful buildings—old and new—people, and lots for the eye to settle on, I didn’t notice the gray that much. There was far more than enough to make up for it in all the beauty around the downtown area, which is where we stayed.

We did a lot in the few days that we were there and there is much more to do when we visit again some day. I had my small notebook with me and took it out at certain points and wrote and wrote, freely without thinking. I hope to take some of that, at some point, and type up some of our encounters.

I’ve posted a few photos if you’d like to have a look.

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