Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Bits ~ Rain and Pansy

Rain was forecast for Easter Sunday. It didn’t rain at all. Instead the air was warm, the sky—a soft blue with wisps of white clouds. Quiche Lorraine was a success, despite a small portion of the bottom edge of the crust burning. I could see it when I looked under the glass pie plate. I was happy to hear when one person said they do not usually like quiche, but this one they liked. I once had a quiche that was really burned, the broccoli blackened. It was mostly inedible and unappetizing, but I ate around it too busy to take it back to where I will not go for a very long time.


I always set my eyes on you when I walk on by.
I stopped for you purple pansy.
You are a color burst of purples and yellow—
A faraway galaxy of my imagination.


An internally quiet morning,
raindrops—tink, tink—on the
outside to the inside—tink, tink.
The quiet.

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