Friday, August 13, 2010

The Shining Moon

On one of my walks close to a year ago, I saw the moon still out in the morning and this airplane. The combination of the two moved me to take this photo. Usually, I will snap away, snap, snap, snap, until I have several photos to choose from. But on this day, I only took this one. There is something about this photo. It could be that the moon looks alive, three dimensional, not flat as I would have imagined it to show up on the screen. I feel the moon smiling upon me. This photo belongs to a series that I call, "Connecting with Nature." It is a very personal and universal connection.

Right now, as I type this, the Sun has decided to come out and play. She shines deeply from the hillside through the branches of Great Redwood and pours in. The branches turn from dark green to a glistening green kissed by the light of the sun. As the morning progresses, she will be shining right in my face. When she does this, I close my eyes and allow her rays to drench me with love.

Today is Friday, August, 13, 2010. For some reason, I enjoy it when it is Friday the 13th, so I bid you a magical day for today and always.


Vincent said...

Thanks Rebb, it is indeed magical.

ashok said...

A lovely photo Rebb.

It is interesting that you have used "she" for sun. I tend to use "he"

Rebb said...

Wonderful, Vincent. I'm glad it felt magical for you too.

Rebb said...

Ashok, Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the photo.

On one of my posts from a while ago called, "The Sun," I hadn't referred to it as he or she, but Keiko informed me that. She says, "About the sun, I read a book on Celtic. I learned that most languages that use gender forms consider the sun male, but in Celtic, the Sun is female. It's the same for ancient Japanese.
Amaterasuoomikami is Japanese god of the sun."

And I had responded that I saw the sun as both male and female.

But, on this morning here, the Sun was very much "she" to me.