Wednesday, August 4, 2010


As I stand outside on the small deck this morning, I feel like I am in the bird’s playground. A potpourri of chatter fills my ears with playful laughter. Slightly overcast—the blue patches of sky play peek-a-boo with the trailing fog. The hills are pale yellow as they should be in the Summertime. The bamboo leaves me with surprise. I had forgotten that this past winter it was withered and yellow like the hills. I had forgotten that it seems to thrive under the sun, not the rain, at least here that is how it acts. It seems to die into itself in the winter months, but now as I look out at the bamboo, I see that it is vibrant and green, reaching up. If I were a tree, I would be a bamboo.


Photo taken August 2009 on a clear blue summer day.


Luciana said...

Bamboos are resilient. That is such a nice quality, Rebbs! :-)

keiko amano said...


What a photographer you became, Rebb! The blue in the backgroud, and the beautiful green, and that shape! What kind of bamboo I wonder. Yes, I've seen it, but it isn't the kind I usally see around Yokohama. It must be a tropical kind.

Rebb said...

Hi Lu! Yes, bamboos are very resilient. So good to see you. Welcome Back!

Rebb said...

Thank you, Keiko. That photo was taken a year ago, but I was on my way to taking better photos. I try to take as many photos to get just the right one.

I took a quick peek on the web and it seems there are so many types of bamboo. The photo I posted looks like a young shoot. Some of the stems are much thicker.

I looked a little more. I think this is the one--Moso Bamboo:

I learned they also have a bamboo called "Mexican weeping bamboo."
I love it.

keiko amano said...


Mexican Weeping Bamboo sounds great. It said it grows as confined to a small area. It costs $40 a 5 gallon. That's expensive. To me, bamboo should be free! It grows any place, and it becomes quite nuisance once it is established. So, I've never planted bamboo in the U.S.