Friday, August 20, 2010

Moments with Squirrel

There is something about the openings of trees such as this. They conjure images of little worlds to be discovered, of the unknown.

This was a great oak, old and wise. "There aren't any critters here. Keep walking."

I walk in the other direction and see this squirrel blending into the grass and leaves. He is one with his surroundings I watch him dig in the crusted soil.

When I walk back, he's more alert.

And then he becomes aware of me and peers, dropping what he was nibbling. We are aware of each other.

This one was on the other side. There one moment,
gone the next.


keiko amano said...


The squirrel is so cute. Look at his beautiful intelligent eyes. I wonder if they go into the hole to nest. Lately, a squirrel runs around my fig trees. Before, I never seen squirrels in my backyard. I enjoy occasional noises of cats roaming around and squirrels nowadays and other animals on my roof. I think this enjoyment is my progress because I used to be scare especially at night. Before the pear tree was trimmed, I used to hear a bong noise once in a while. Sometimes, it repeated. I missed that sound, too. Bong, bongo!

But I can sleep better knowing my trees are trimmed, and I have a good roof over my head.

Rebb said...

Keiko, Yes, aren't his eyes precious. The home variety of squirrels sure can be very noisy-- running, squeaking, scratching. I had a squirrel here at home stretched out on the stairs a week or so ago, like he was taking a break. It was so funny. He laid there for a long time, with all his legs sprawled out like he was at the beach.

Bong, bong. I like that sound. It reminds me of a deep bell.

I'm glad you can sleep better. Hopefully, your internal clock is back on a better schedule :)

keiko amano said...


I love your profile photo. It's totally different from all the previous photos, especially crab!

Rebb said...

Thank you, Keiko. I like little ol’crabby.