Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rebb’s New Look

Rebb woke up this morning and went about her morning rituals. She thought she saw a news blip on Yahoo of some celebrities that have recently cut their hair into various pixie cuts. I looked at the four or five that were posted and I thought, hmm, maybe I should cut my hair. I had done a pixie around 2004 and then in 2008. My hair has been bothering me lately. It was getting long, but I just don't like to do much with it and putting it up all the time was making it break off. So, as so happens, when I get the bug to do something, especially a hair cut, I need to do it now. I've always been that way with hair cuts, particularly a drastic one. I made a call to the salon I would normally use. I ask for anyone that is comfortable cutting short hair. Some people really are not and some stylists try to talk you out of it. No one was available on that short of notice. I went off to work and as I was walking down the street, I popped into one of two salons on the other side from the office. No one was at the counter, so I almost gave up, but heard voices and got the gals attention. I asked if anyone was available to do a pixie.

"A what," she said.

"A pixie, short like Halle Barry," I replied.

"Let me get someone that can help you. I'm just the receptionist."

So out comes a beautiful woman dressed in red with long hair and bangs framing her face. I told her what I wanted and asked if she's done many pixies. She said yes and she had a slot open that afternoon. Great. I was thrilled. It's not always easy getting an appointment spontaneously like that.

Even better, when I sat in her chair and showed her two photos, she said the cut would look great on me. This is always nice to hear because stylists could easily say the opposite or look at you tightlipped and say nothing.

I wanted to take a photo to capture how the stylist also styled my hair afterward. She put many products in it, which is fine. I may not use so many and may not achieve the look quite like she did, but I'll try. So this is my new look. Once I’ve found the right photo, I’ll probably replace the one that shows up now.

I must say that it feels great to have gone short again. It's nice to be able to feel the air on the back of my neck and I look forward to not having to spend so much time getting the soap out of it when I shampoo. I have a feeling I may keep it short for a while. Last time I cut it short, I couldn't wait for it to grow back, but something feels different this time--good different.


Luciana said...

Wow!! I like it, Rebbs! :-)

keiko amano said...


So, that's a pixie. That's a cute name, and you look cute!

Vincent said...
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Vincent said...

Wow! You are going through some changes, bold and fearless.

Rebb said...

Lu and Keiko,

Thank you.

I like the name too, Keiko. I think it's connected to mythical fairies. I can see myself as a little nature fairy flying around freely. :)

Rebb said...


Yes, a good bold change.

p.s. I will eventually be changing the profile photo , since I like to keep photos in the present, so I guess you'll have to get used to seeing it when I do :)

jiturajgor said...

Rebb you look charming and vibrant.

ashok said...

Looks great Rebb

Will be so much easier to mantain too I think.

Rebb said...

Jitu, Thank you very much. It’s good to see you. I’ve been thinking about you and figured you must be a busy bee.

Rebb said...

Ashok, Yes that is a plus. I do enjoy how much easier it is to maintain, even though now I do put a little bit of stuff into my hair whereas before I did not. All in all, much easier.