Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Under the Night Moon

She peers out the window into the
night, under the rays of the moon.
From somewhere the words appear: bamboo moon.

She climbs through the large
opening of a bamboo shoot,
crawls up and up,

by the moon;
light filters in.
Dark womb,
she feels a swaying
motion through her limbs,
a lake in sight, midnight blue
stretched across years. When
she reaches the end of the bamboo
she pauses at the

sitting on her knees, gazing
up at her reflection in the lake—
bamboo moon.


keiko amano said...


I like the image of bamboo moon.
Bamboos grow straight up, and the bamboo forest near my home in Yokohama is really like a forest. I don't go there because many mosquitoes fly around there, and they all come to me and bite. But, it's awesome site. The moon does look different from the bamboo forest.

Rebb said...

Thanks, Keiko. I love bamboo and moons. The image came to me at night, looking up at the moon. I also love how resilient and flexible bamboo is. The forest near your home would be an amazing sight. it sounds breathtaking.

keiko amano said...

But we stay away because of mosquitoes! It looks better from far away.

ashok said...

Very unusual and very beautiful piece. I am fascinated by bamboos too. There are so many varieties from ornamental to useful. Your journey is something like that of jack on the bean stalk.

Rebb said...

Keiko, Mosquitoes bite me too, so I would have to look from far away.

Ashok, Thank you. Yes, bamboos are amazing. Where I used to live there was a small grove of bamboo in the landlord's back yard and on the side going up the big hill. I loved walking past. Ah...I hadn't thought of Jack and his bean stalk...yes.