Monday, August 27, 2012

Little Morsels

Fried chicken
mashed potatoes
brown gravy
collard greens.
Best fried chicken;
not the best collard greens.
Holy shit burger.
Cozy celebration.

Dried chilies and
into a delicious
salsa for adding
to everything.
learned tips and
proper technique.

Latin Culture festival;
bodies moved to the
groove. A lot of heat
On those streets!


Winky. Sounds like Slinky. The name Winky appeared to me. It could be after reading a flash fiction story by Lydia Davis called “The Mice.” I can’t get the name out of my head: Winky, Winky, Winky!

Had a productive writer’s group meeting this past weekend. Received helpful feedback to take back to the simmering pot. I will let that story rest a while and try to work on a new piece for next time.

Class is going fine. Small steps. Need to keep the reading rhythm going for the short stories in the huge anthology. I keep reading the other book, The Scene Book: A Primer for the Fiction Writer by Sandra Scofield, not only with an eye for my work, but for the writing I comment on in the group. So far the book reminds me of the elements that we started to learn in the scriptwriting course, the focus being on the scene and beats of action.

Downloaded an audio book on writing—an older book. So far, I’m enjoying it a lot. I have a feeling after I listen to the audio, I will be buying a paper copy of the book. The library didn’t have a copy. The audio book is Stein on Writing: A Master Editor Shares His Craft, Techniques, and Strategies by Sol Stein.


I wanted to show up on the page this morning, knowing that I couldn’t stay as long as I would have liked. I can’t stand fingernails. Mine are starting to become noticeable. I always cut them right down to the skin. I’m noticing that they are getting in my way on the keyboard. Small things like that get in the way.

I’ve had some very odd sensual and strange dreams the other night. I jotted down a few in my notebook for another day. I need to remember more of my dreams. I still have a few powerful dreams from a long time ago that still come up, one in particular that I’d like to turn into a story if it chooses to allow me to do so.


a sack of bricks
on this

Ah, Monday’s not so

Here we go.


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