Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Welcome, Grey Day

When I woke up this morning, I looked out the window and was not expecting to see a light gray sheet pulled across the sky. It’s been hot these past few days, blue skies and playful clouds puttering around, changing shape, mingling with the sun. I poured my cup of decaf coffee, came and sat down, and thought to myself it couldn’t be…I heard the sound of car wheels riding on wet pavement. I stood to look out the window and it was indeed raining. Rain in July, right in the middle of a California summer.

Summertime was always my favorite season. That’s changed over time. I’ve grown to welcome the gray skies, the cooler, rain drenched days. We haven’t actually seen that much rain this season. But those gray skies…

I find solace in the grey.

Cool air against a backdrop

of grey and white

shakes me alive.

Hot cloudless days,

drowsy and heavy

with heat curled around,

push me down.

Cool, grey

cloud filled days snap me to attention,

make me see things differently,

colors and shapes and thoughts,

that I don’t see on summer days

in quite the same way,

blue jay,

wheat colored grass,


fuchsia blossoms burst…

splash color on the grey canvas

splashes of thought—

grey day.

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