Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Night Waves

Waves crash in the night, reflecting the light of the full moon. Sabine walks on the beach’s edge pondering love. Two kinds: love that smothers and love that let’s go. Many thoughts ebb and flow through her consciousness with the crashing of the waves. She feels the mist on her face and the taste of salt upon her lips, as her feet melt into sand crystals. She is alone on the beach.

She sees the patterns—they stare back at her; the reel turning all different ways, upside down, forward, sideways, zig zag. The flash goes off, a million tiny flashes twinkling in the sky, pulsing through her body.

The bottom of her white flowing skirt is becoming wet from the thunderous waves. Her long brown hair blows ever so soft in the wind, circling her shoulders. She takes the bottom of her skirt in her hands and runs into the ocean. Once in the water, she begins to strip her clothes from her body. She doesn’t need them any longer. She swims out and twirls around. As she swims still further, all that is visible in the distance is a shimmering on the ocean’s surface where she dances in and out of the sea.


ZACL said...

Almost pictures The Birth Of Venus, except she appears on a cupped pearl shell and her substantial tresses are always painted to make her look naked yet coyly dressed by them.

Rebb said...

I love The Birth Of Venus, ZACL. I wasn’t thinking of it, but now that you mention it, this small clip I wrote feels like part of a bigger fiction that the character wants to tell and I think it may very much be about a rebirth of sorts. I’m hoping to see where it leads.