Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Evening Pages ~ Little Snippets & Two Books

Today was a good day. Work was satisfying and I was so busy that I ran out of time, which was a nice change.

Two weekends ago we went to the wine country. We started in Calistoga and ended in Napa. The landscape was my favorite part. Seeing the Hawk was the highlight of my day.

I can tell I’m still trying to get back into my groove. Tomorrow is the last day of my accounting class and I am glad that it’s over—almost over. I don’t think I’ll be taking any more accounting classes ever.

I finished reading Love’s Executioner & Other Tales of Psychotherapy by Irving Yalom, M.D. I’ve read several of his books, both fiction and nonfiction. This one was in my bookshelves for years, and I had started and stopped it on many occasions. Just a couple of weeks ago, I pulled it out from the bottom shelf, started reading, and finished a few days ago. I’ve always appreciated Yalom’s writing style, his ability to write a good story and draw the reader in. I feel like he allows us to see into the world of a psychotherapist, to really see what goes on behind the scenes. He’s honest and revealing of the process. At times I felt bad for the clients he was speaking of because of how he viewed some of them, but he kept it true and they read each of their stories before he published the book and they gave him their blessings.

A long time ago because I was so impressed with Yalom from what I read of his work, I wanted him to be my psychotherapist. I emailed him and to my surprise he actually took the time to reply that he did not have time in his schedule for new clients and he referred me to two other psychotherapists. I didn’t follow through, but I’ve always remembered that. He could have ignored my email. I wouldn’t have known. He didn’t though. He took the time to acknowledge me and that only made me respect him that much more. Life is funny like that.

I started reading Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories, edited by James Thomas & Robert Shapard. I had also checked out another very short collection of stories that were longer than in this compilation. I found these much shorter ones in Flash Fiction Forward to be much tighter and more interesting. I felt bad because part of it was the others, though still short, were too long for what I was expecting.

Here’s the first story from Flash Fiction Forward:

I thought it was a unique take on the situation, and in this small amount of space, I felt like I was there. I look forward to reading more of these flash fiction stories by other authors.


keiko amano said...


I'm glad your accounting class is almost over, and you had chosen to take it at least once, and now you don't think you'll take it again! I want to congratulate on this important realization! I went through the same thing.

But I have more than a few friends who love accounting. I really cannot believe those people like accounting like chocolate. I don't understand how their brains work, but anything I cannot do, I admire the people who can do, and I'm glad I have such different brain people as my friends.

About the link, I loooovee it! Thank you for that. I'll show it in FB.

Rebb said...

Keiko, Hooray! As of last night, accounting class is over. I actually enjoyed it, but toward the end I had enough. This is my second time taking Accounting I, but last time it was a five month course through community college instead of this course of only 10 weeks through adult education. It was a long time ago and I didn’t do as well as I could have. I knew I needed a brush up on the foundation and through this class it reinforced what I already knew and helped fill in a few gaps. I feel like I know debits and credits really well now. I want to do more bookkeeping work, which is why I took the class, but I don’t want to do accounting work. I wouldn’t mind learning more accounting, just not in class. I’d rather learn on the job. I like the part of bookkeeping that is all about balance and keeping good records. I’m not so good at the analysis work of accountants. In class last night a student was having trouble balancing something and the teacher looked at it and instantly knew what was wrong. I admire numbers people too. It’s amazing how the numbers speak to them.

I’m so glad you love the link! It’s a great story.

keiko amano said...

Thank you, Rebb. I admire you because you like accounting!