Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Grass and More Reflecting on Writing

“The Grass is
always greener
where you
water it.”

From (napkin wisdom)

I came across this blog at work when I was looking for ideas to infuse into our bi-monthly team meetings. This quote is from the blog’s most recent post and I was drawn to the optimism of this familiar quote turned on its side: Productive, self-responsible action. I shared the quote with someone, they the witty one who finds the bleak humor in situations and what this person said to me is, “What if the grass gets peed on?” I thought to myself of course you would ask that. I replied back, “Keep watering.”

Today I am on an early schedule. Still need to complete my personal morning pages. I always get excited when a new and interesting class is upon me and I have been searching about on Amazon at the different short story writing books. I already have my texts for the class, but this is where the excitement comes in and then in the writer’s group I am also energized because each writer brings something different to the group. It has forced me to want to be able to learn the craft even better and before my course begins so that my feedback is more useful. I found a few interesting books and saw one that I had when I took another creative writing course. I had let the book go, but I found myself clicking “add to cart.” I wanted to revisit that particular book: What If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers by Anne Bernays and Pamela Painter. I was also drawn to Writing in General and the Short Story in Particular by L. Rust Hills. What If was not available for Kindle and I decided that although Writing in General was, I simply wanted the paper copy, so it’s on order. I was also curious about the micro-story collections and flash fiction collections. I think I’ll wait on those for now.

I was thinking back on my past creative writing course the other day and how I have saved the stories. What I noticed by remembering is that I was able to tell fictional stories based on fact. I was actually able to write several short stories and let myself go. One story though, as I recall, verged on all fact wrapped up in fiction, whereas the others had small emotional moments disguised, made into something different.

I look forward to the short story writing class because it seems I am still hesitant about how to do it, even though I did it. Does that make any sense at all? I believe that having a guide and new examples, and drawing on my storehouse of emotional moments, it will eventually all come together. I also still need to let go. I must admit when I wrote a couple of the short stories, one in particular was partially inspired by one of my self-portrait paintings. The painting was infused with feeling and on that night I had the painting with me down on the floor—and the element that I needed to let go completely was a couple glasses of wine and I wrote with intensity. I sense that I may enjoy a couple more glasses of wine during the upcoming short story writing class. I suppose there isn’t anything wrong with that. I will try with and without. I know many writers drink. Drink, wine, cigarettes, coffee. Don’t they all go together sometimes?

There is one story that I was pleased with. I won’t use it in the short story class because the idea is to produce new material. I can revisit it at some point if I decide I want to and present it to the writer’s group. I am so exited that I’m practically jumping inside of myself. Writing is my bliss; the learning and discovery along the way is never ending—just as it should be.

This morning’s music is Latin Lounge from the Putumayo World Music collection. It sweeps me away to a sensual and rhythmic place. It is a splendid way to begin the day.

Happy watering and creating—happy writing!

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