Monday, June 11, 2012

What happened to the rhythm?

What happened to the rhythm? It seems to have skipped a beat. Feels like being right back at square one. What happened to the flow? Going back after a long time, you still recognize it, but when it’s still too near, you don’t see it. Has something changed? Something’s always changing. At times it feels like a writing vacuum, dust and particles spinning around. You want something more, is that what it is?

What is the purpose? What is your purpose and how do you bring your purpose to life? How do you know if anyone cares? Does it matter if they care?

Stop and go. Stop and go. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Kaboom!

What’s that? You said you had something going the other day and you intend to come back to it.

Oh! Where is this going!?

It’s the feeling as if after a performance—the curtains have closed, the audience has left, and it’s just you in the dark, in the quiet—just you—left with the rhythm of your own thoughts, your own words.

Only it’s not a performance; it’s real life.


Vincent said...

Rebb, your blog is daily getting more exciting. Where will it go next? this one has its mystery, but is all the more a mirror to the reader's own, thereby.

Especially for me, who woke up this morning intending to write on "the Joy of Abandoned Projects".

keiko amano said...


Yes, it's real life, but in a way, it's a performance, and we are actresses. I'm pretty bad at it. But I think the audience will forget bad part, and will remember only good part, I hope.

Rebb said...

Vincent, Yes! I'm glad you sense all that is not said and the open spaces to be filled in.

I like the title for what you were going to write about when you woke this morning.

Today I had a flood of ideas. Now I'm reverting to getting some fragments down in my iPod Touch because it's easier to search in the notes app. I've also reverted to a tip I got after reading Ray Bradbury's essays, which is to jot down key words to trigger expanding later. I separate my words by slashes/////. It nice if I don't have time but need to get it saved.

Rebb said...

Keiko, I think you are right. After I posted the blog and got on with my day, I thought about there is the performance aspect. I suppose life is a great performance and real life at the same time.

You are a fantastic performer, Keiko! I can tell by your blogs. : )