Friday, June 8, 2012

I walk the mountain with my mind

I walk the mountain with my mind,
observe the daily changes.
He looks hot today:
Sun beating down on his
peaks and valleys, green face,
turned dusty.
Each day
I see you dear Mountain;
I bow down to your beauty,
your strength, and massiveness.
You remind me how small I am
in comparison to you, yet you
love me just the same. I watch you
change color when there is an opportunity
to steal a glance. I watch you change hues
to match the time of day. And when you are
paired with the moon, a few wispy clouds,
I climb on the ladder that hangs low; I climb to reach you both.
You hold out your hand, while the moon shines the light I need to navigate the darkness.
I disappear into the night.

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