Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bent Spoons & Writing

I laughed out loud when I was putting the washed dishes away. I came to one of our spoons that we bought at the .99 cents store. These are spoons that are all right to take to work, and if we happen to lose them, no problem. The spoon looked more bent than usual. It made me recall fragments of a dream where I had taken a fork in my hand and I was bending it will all my might. I’m not sure why I was doing it, who would bend a fork in their dream?

And then when I was doing something the other day, I had recalled another dream. As I thought more about it, I realized it very much had the elements of a Ray Bradbury story. Spaceship. Time Travel. Relatives. Visiting. How strange. I couldn’t help myself and started re-reading his essays on creativity because when he talks about his work, I become excited. Is that how I made the connection with my dream, a dream I had forgotten about and then remembered when something made me remember—not reading Bradbury, something else—a conversation. A commercial? I’m not sure. Even though I can’t imagine myself completely writing straight fiction, I think I might be able to write stories of other worlds—fantasy or spiritual worlds.

A few years back when I went for a Tarot reading the reader saw travel in my cards, but not travel by way of air, boat, or train. She saw me creating worlds, traveling through my writing. Interesting. I also had a similar reading later on when I sat with a Tarot reader in the French Quarter of New Orleans. He had a wizardly look about him. He had been around. He saw things. I felt as though I had crossed into another time sitting there at his small table. I was in the French Quarter and I was also in a world larger than I could imagine. Writing was there in those cards. There were other things that I cannot remember specifically, but I remember being misty eyed when I got up to walk away. I wanted to howl and shed tears to allow the droplets to come rushing out. I continued walking in a way lost and also quite found within myself and being there with a purpose of self-affirmation—not affirmation of writing—plain and true affirmation of self.

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