Thursday, October 6, 2011

Small Remembrance for Steve Jobs

I feel sad to hear of the passing of Steve Jobs and as I continue reading more in the news from people that had the opportunity to work close with him, I feel more saddened. But as he himself was quoted as saying, “…death is the destination we all share...” I will add his memory to my memory box of October remembrances. I will celebrate quietly that I was able to open myself to the Apple phenomenon. I feel changed, more fulfilled, connected to a small part of my past.

I have not been an Apple fan from the beginning. I was slow to join, but now I know. And even if just a little bit, I feel lucky to have a little piece of Steve Jobs through my little iPod Touch. Every time I turn it on, I will know that I hold a token of his brilliance in my pouch.

I may not have known you, Steve, but I feel greatly touched by you and I wish you well on the other side; and I wish your family and loved ones peace and love.

This photo was taken at a small international festival where they had many different types of food to try. This was one of the decorations out front of the booth of the Philippines. I was immediately drawn to it, and I offer it here as a source of radiating light.


ashok said...

That is indeed a very beautiful and colorful picture Rebb - almost magical. And your tribute to Steve Jobs is graceful and appropriate indeed.

(this comment repeated in my blog)

Rebb said...

Thanks, Ashok. I'm glad you got a chance to see the photo and that you enjoyed both.

(ditto--on your blog)