Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Winding down dotted hills of champagne
and plum wine, grapes round with abundance.
Cows in patches, mooing and chewing the
grain. Rustling grasses beneath hoofs, furry
groundhogs playing hide and seek with the
clouds. Jack-O-Lanterns greet visitors,
atop the brick arch overlooking vineyards.
Aroma of oak barrels and freshly crushed grapes,
A hint of fresh grass tickling the senses, mixed with the
brink of being right on the cusp of this season and
that season. Open hearts, open mouths— a toast to you
on this—O’ Joyous Halloween.


keiko amano said...


Happy Halloween to you!

Rebb said...

Smiles to you, Keiko!