Monday, August 1, 2011

The River

It’s been almost a month since we went on a short camping trip to the Russian River area. It was a great time, my significant other and I joined his cousins—a nice family gathering with laughing, drinking, eating. I hadn’t been camping in quite some time. We spent a lot of time on the River, the water a balanced chill to cool off the blazing sun. I didn’t put on sunscreen, which I normally wouldn’t skip—and I paid dearly, for I was burnt and peeling and a little sore for a few days after. Being in the cool water is deceptive to the rays of hot sun.

Today I share this and the photo because what sticks in my mind—the feeling I capture from the trip is somehow summarized for me in this photo I took of a little boy that I saw canoeing across the river. He represents something—an innocence, a carefree nature—one that I still feel connected to within myself.

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