Friday, August 26, 2011


Through the hanging fog in the morning, I count on the light to crack through and when it does, I feel renewed. I think to myself how dependent my moods are on the light.

Driving down the freeway I beam at the rich burgundy leaves on the trees, glistening back into my senses, carving a place inside of me, to stay. Even without camera, I am constantly taking photos with my mind, with the connective cord inside my soul.

Driving down the streets, I see the Crepe Myrtle is in bloom, rich fuchsia petals jutting out—many trees lined down the street divider, a welcome sight—nature commingling with the fruits of industry.

I miss my old home, where nature was right there outside my door. Surrounded by tall Pines, Mountains, even a lane of Bamboo; Deer, plenty of cackling Squirrels, and Coyote.

But Nature still finds me and I always find her—always in my soul.


keiko amano said...


I love the photo!!! Did you have to lie down on the ground to take it? You must have gone through a lot to get this perfect shot.

Yep, nature remains in our head. Nobody can take it away from us.

Rebb said...

Thank you, Keiko. I’m glad you like the photo! I didn’t lie down on the ground, but I crouched down and tilted the camera up, trying to keep my balance and trying to keep very steady. After I wrote the blog, I knew I wanted a photo, and when I looked through my pictures, this one seemed just right.