Saturday, October 30, 2010

Images ~ Downtown Portland, Oregon

I wrote a lot of little notes and reflections in my notebooks while I took a two-day solo jaunt to Portland, Oregon last week. It takes me so long to process my experiences, that sometimes they stay locked inside of me. Two very simple images that I share here are of the upper glass top roof of the IMAX light rail stop and a shot of the front.

I was walking early that morning and it had been lightly raining on and off. I was on my way to the Lan Su Yuan Portland Classical Chinese Garden. It seemed that everywhere I walked—and I kept to a small portion of downtown—since I only had two days—But in that short time, I was amazed at how visually appealing the buildings, bridges, and sculptures scattered throughout the city and in the parks were. I felt as though I was walking inside a complete work of art in a cosmopolitan city. Modern,  traditional, cultural, natural.

Here are a few more images that caught my attention from walking about downtown:

I fell in love with this building because I love copper and mirrors. I don't think I've seen a building with this color of glass before. I tend to like old fashioned buildings, but I also enjoyed the modern architecture that I came across. Most of all, my visual senses were pleased.

I wanted to push the pendulum as the marker indicates, but I felt too timid. Maybe next time.

I took this photo from outside of the Oregon Historical Society. It faces a church. The stained glass work was gorgeous to my eyes. There was so much green and natural beauty all around and I appreciated that very much.

A lovely quote from the wall from within the society that is considered the Oregon State Motto - 1987:

"She flies with her own wings."


keiko amano said...


The photos are beautiful, and the glass-looking buildings look attractive. But, nowadays, I tend to worry about the cost of cleaning those windows, and I wonder how long the building will last, and if the material can be recycled when they are torn down, and so on. I guess the economy doesn't go up if we really care for the environment. What do you think?

Tom said...

Just an excellent set of images, Rebb, as usual. You captured the feel of your brief visit well. Beautiful photographs.

Moonwillow said...

Gorgeous-more of mankind should stop and appreciate the beauty around us. it is sad how everyone is so pre-occupied with their mobile devices these days.

Luciana said...

Loved your photos and I love Portland! I spent great years of my life in Oregon! I´m so glad you visited it, Rebb! Did you go to Powell´s?
You should go back to Oregon in June/July. Nice weather and the roses look wonderful in the Rose Garden! :-)

Rebb said...


Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I feel the same about the buildings and if they will last, but one of the things that I appreciated in reading before I went to Portland is that it seems to be a very “green” city. And I think many of the buildings are built with sustainable materials. In general what I loved about Portland before visiting was how much they really do care for the environment and how the people live there. It seems as though they recycle and use sustainable materials whenever possible and many people bike instead of using their cars and of course they also have good public transportation. California is pretty good but I think they can learn a lot from Portland and how they interact with the environment.

Here are a few links that I came across if you wanted to read them. I'm glad you brought that question up because it's important. As I was reading through these websites, I thought of Ashok, since he is very much it involved with sustainable thinking and practices. It seems like a very exciting and necessary direction for the world to move in. Thank you Keiko, as usual, for your insights and great questions.

Rebb said...

Tom and Moonwillow,

Thank you. It makes me very glad that you enjoyed the images.

Moonwillow, I agree that more of mankind should stop and appreciate the beauty around us. It still doesn't make sense to me when I walk down the street and people seem to often have their heads down because they're textin. It just feels like they miss so much life going right by them because they can't get enough of being plugged in.

Rebb said...

Thank you Lu, That is so exciting. I had no idea that you spent many great years in Oregon. I'm very glad that I got to finally visit Portland also. I had been to Ashland about maybe 10 years ago and that's about as far or as close to Oregon as I got. I did go to Powell's and I could not believe how big it was. I know that the book said it was a whole city block, but when I went in, and needed a map to navigate I knew I was in trouble. It was amazing and when I go back one day I am definitely going to spend more time in Powell's. I had already gotten a couple of books elsewhere and I didn't want to be too weighed down since I only took onto backpacks and they were already heavy. Thank you for the tip I would love to go back when the weather is nicer although I enjoyed the crispness. I did get a chance to see the Rose Garden but of course it was not in full bloom. I took a few photos and may post them.