Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Morning Sky

Great sky, I can always count on you to bring my eyes up at just the right moment. This morning, you are bathed in the softest hue of crimson red. You shine your light upon the pine’s branches and upon my window as I sit here at this desk. The mountain is still; your light stays to the East and only covers half way. It is as though God has turned his lamp on in that part of his room. I am looking, as though, through a stained glass window of leaves and pine branches hanging down in long tendrils of pine hair. Softly, softly, slowly, slowly—the crimson glow recedes.


ashok said...

That is a beautiful piece of prose Rebb.

It is a coincidence that you wrote about the morning sky because just now I am coming to your blog after loading a picture of the same on mine. Do look it up, I think you will like it.

Also interesting that you wrote about portland because at one time long ago (1985) I was thinking of living in USA and debated on what city would be my first choice -it was Portland, Oregon. The reason was because I thought being on the west coast the climate will not be very harsh and the city sounded more traditional than those in California which were a bit too avant garde for my taste.

Rebb said...

Thank you very much, Ashok!

That is a coincidence. I think we are in synch often in little ways, even if they go unnoticed. The picture at your blog is very beautiful. I see you have a new post with another lovely image. I will be back to catch up on reading. I have been reading your other blogs, but since it seems to be attracting debate, I have been mostly listening in.

Interesting about your choice to live in Portland, Oregon, long ago. California is quite large and varied, depending on where you go. I can see how you saw the avant garde, especially if you were anywhere near San Francisco or Berkeley, which are wonderful and culturally rich cities, but also non-traditional in certain ways. Portland seemed to have an avant garde feel to it as well. I understand there are also different districts there, again, with their own personalities. As I responded to Keiko, in my Portland blog, one thing is it is a very “green” and sustainable city. I thought of you when I browsed the web for more examples, since you are aligned with sustainability. I think Portland is a good model in that regard.

ashok said...

Hi, I got back to blogging after a long gap and find that you too have been busy elsewhere.Hope all is well

I agree completely with your response to my comment.