Sunday, October 10, 2010

Storybird ~ Belinda's Adventure

Thanks to Lu, I learned about the Storybird website where you can create children's books using the work of other artists. I created a story shortly after Lu told me about it, but I left it in limbo. Today, I decided to revisit it. The link is below. It's very short and my best guess is it's geared for children between 4 to 6, but I'm not sure.

Thanks Lu!


Luciana said...

I´m glad you liked the website, Rebb. It´s a good exercise of creativity, isn´t it? I loved your story! Belinda seems to be happily embracing the world and getting self-knowledge in return. Just like someone I know... :-)

Rebb said...

I agree, Lu, it really is a good exercise of creativity. I've chosen new artwork, but still have not formed a story. It's a fun process! I'm so glad you enjoyed my story and I appreciate your insights. :)