Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This Morning a beautiful shroud of rain mists through
the valley.

All movement to the West,
as the trees raise
their arms to the silent
ones to the East.

The wind, a consistent hush,
with high notes that carry
the scent of moist wooded trees. The bamboo
leans back gracefully and
then forward again.

This morning the trees dance,
the whole valley moves.


jiturajgor said...

What a joy of misty rain you are having Rebb?Here,it is hottest of the year.Enjoy.

Rebb said...

Yes, we are having quite unusual weather for this time of year, Jitu. It is good but usually the rain has stopped. I think this may be the last of it. Sunny days to come!
Thank you.

keiko amano said...


This poem makes me envious of the spot you see the view. And you are there and connected with us and hot weather in India, erratic weather in Japan, and so on. It's comforting to imagine beautiful S.F.

Rebb said...

Ah, Keiko, envy not. We all are sounded with beauty and the moods of the weather. Yes, there is comfort in imagining. Keep imagining, Keiko!