Monday, April 12, 2010

The Sun

(Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck. Painted by Lady Frieda Harris)

As I shuffle, you fall out, you chose to shine your rays into the world today, for everyday.

You shine so bright, Radiant Sun, that I feel compelled to share, to place you here, so that you can radiate outward: Creativity. Exploration. Collaboration. Manifest in the ways you will.

“The Divine child within us that is always seeking to express itself in unlimited ways" (Arrien pg. 92).


keiko amano said...


Did you forget the title for this blog?

About the sun, I read a book on Celtic. I learned that most languages that use gender forms consider the sun male, but in Celtic, the Sun is female. It's the same for ancient Japanese.
Amaterasuoomikami is Japanese god of the sun.

Rebb said...


Woops. It now has its title: The Sun. Thank you.

That is interesting that the sun is usually considered male. To me, the sun feels a combination of male and female--this is how I feel as I think about it now. It's fascinating how our ideas are shaped. So in Celtic and Japanese the sun is female. I wonder how that came about.

Hope you are doing well. Lots of reading, I'm sure!

keiko amano said...

I was going to suggest it. Good title! Naming can happen after a blog receives a comment. I like this creative interaciton.

Rebb, you're very fair person. I admire you. But me? To me, I always thought women are like the sun.