Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Little Rituals

April 6, 2010

10 - 6 = 4
10 - 4 = 6
6 + 4 = 10

Habits, small rituals, hidden comforts. I have two small calendars at work that sit on the counter, so I can see them well. One shows a book-a-day. If a book catches my fancy, I’ll first check the library. If it’s not there, I’ll put it in my holding file—an imaginary file, more like a pile of paper tidbits that needs sorting through. The other calendar is much smaller, more intimate, a page of Eastern wisdom for each day. The larger book-a-day calendar has the date more clearly visible, and it is the habit of the boss that has me now looking at the date a little closer—the numbers—in the way he views them. He sees the patterns and sometimes when a certain date is upon us, he says we wont have this one for at least ten more years.

Today is a day that is divisible by two; the subtraction and addition of the numbers expresses today. I’m not a numbers person, but I’m always open to finding little ways—little portals—into the vast array of ways to enter into a space, into another’s world for just a few moments. I am fascinated by how many different ways there are to approach the world and I will always continue adding a dash here, a sprinkle there, to my little suitcase of amazements—the little things. I’m especially still in awe everyday my mind is taken to the fact that all those wonderful planets out there are spinning and held in space. No rational explanations will take away my ability to still be in the mind of wonder and curiosity. I am forever mesmerized by this beautiful and mysterious world we live in.


Vincent said...

I like these tales of imaginary files and suitcases. You make them real.

keiko amano said...


I agree with Vincent. I also like your imaginary files and suitcases. They must be very organized. Are they sorted by colors?

Rebb said...

As I read your comments, I smile. And you know, Vincent, what is fascinating to me right now...? I realize what wasn't on my mind when I wrote this yesterday, which was that I was entering my daily writing ritual as well, and the thing is, I stared at the page and didn't feel that I had anything to say and then the date sparked me and I began tapping away and then I entered a flow. I didn't over think. I love when this happens, and I like how you say, "word pictures." Yes, word pictures with feelings.

Rebb said...

Ah, Keiko, so many colors, colors beyond colors. Organized? Well, chaotically organized.

I just sorted through some mounds of books I had alongside my bedside and realized it was time to take some back to the library. I just wasn't going to get to them. And I still had mounds left. The best I can do is write the titles down for later.