Monday, November 17, 2014

Journal ~ Technological Frustrations & Crow

This weekend has been filled with technological frustrations. We've been having problems with our internet connection intermittently for the past few weeks. We called Comcast to troubleshoot the issue, and finally swapped out our rented modem/router from them for a replacement. It worked beautifully for a whole night and morning, then the connection completely stopped. No signal, which was confirmed after another phone call, where I lost my cool a little bit. 

Hubby had just gotten back from returning the bad device when I told him our internet and wifi were not working. He said he could go back and get a new modem/router, the Comcast store was open for another 40 minutes. I was so frustrated that I couldn't think straight, plus I was starving, in the middle of cooking dinner, making quite the mess with lots of dirty dishes and pans in the sink. The Comcast technician on the phone had mentioned sending a tech out and I said, but why would this be working one day and the next it stops. Help me understand! I said. I told the technician on the phone that I'd like to try getting another modem/router first and if that doesn't work, then I guess we have no choice.

Hubby and I decided that, yes, he would go get another box that night, and we'd go through the whole process yet again. 

Success! It worked and is still working this morning, so far.

When I went shopping at Safeway yesterday, I was about to enter the store when a friendly shopper warned me that all but one computer was working. I said thanks and peeked inside to see how bad it looked. I saw that the express lane was the only lane open with a line going all the way back to the end of the aisle. I decided not to take my chances and I turned around and went to another Safeway. It was not a good technology day for them either.

For dinner I decided that I would roast two small chickens. I was following a simple recipe in an old Sunset magazine that would provide a moist and flavorful outcome. I have to remind myself next time to just get a prepared Safeway chicken. The chicken I made didn't taste all that much better and it felt like a lot more work than it was worth. 

A few weeks ago I decided to stop torturing myself with the federal income tax class that I was taking. I dropped it. I have come to accept the realization that tax and accounting make me numb; they inspire no passion whatsoever. I thoroughly enjoy the bookkeeping aspect, but that's where it stops. The irony, of course, is that I work for a tax accountant as an administrative assistant. I enjoy my job; I just wish there was more of it. I enjoy learning through osmosis and hands-on, but the theory classes are too much for, me, a person who has no aspirations in actual tax and accounting. 

My dream job would be working as an administrative assistant in an educational setting, a school of some sort, either profit or non-profit. My dream, dream job would be a community college counselor–at least the idea sounds nice. I've also thought that it would be nice to work in an elder-folks community in the accounting department, as an assistant. I've decided that it would be nearly impossible to find the perfect job at the postal service, working the counters. When I've looked at the jobs online, they are not in job areas or cities I'd want to work. 

For now, I'm happy and thankful that I have a job. Despite, my moments of frustration and uncertainty, I am grateful that I have a job to go to.

If I won the lottery, I really feel that I'd still want to work. If I won the lottery, I still don't know for certain what my actual dream job would be and how I would make that happen.

As I stop to pause this morning, I soak in the silence. I smile when I hear work trucks beeping and cars starting. I know the birds are out there too, but in this moment, I don't hear them singing their songs. I hear the click of the thermostat, as the heater gets ready to blow out more warm air–and there he is, I hear a crow off in the distance. 

These two photos were taken on Tuesday: Crow and Mountain on a Cloudy Day.

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