Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This Morning - Music

This morning the room fills with music from Santana's Supernatural album. The drums have always been my weakness, especially conga drums, that call up a primal part of my soul; the guitar, horns, and vocals slip in at the right moments to create harmony.

I'm transported to the beach,
around a fire under an ocean of stars.
I dance and spin circles under the pulsing moon.
With closed eyes,
this body surrenders to the music,
moves with it,
feels cool air–
the sea through my fingertips,
wrapped around my whole being.


Ryan said...

I was just explaining to a friend yesterday the way some music just gets into my bones and makes me want to move. It hits me deep and i can get lost in it. That's good stuff.

Rebb said...

Music is amazing like that. : )

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Music touches us each in such different, yet significant, ways. It has a way of helping us find ourselves when we get lost. It has a way of reaching deep into a part of our soul and affecting the very core of our being. Music transports us. Is there anything that can take us back in time the way that music can?

For me, whenever I hear a song, I immediately associate it with the time period in which it came out. It reminds me of where I was in life, what I was doing in life, and who was in my life during that time period. It instantly brings back a flood of memories.

Rebb said...

So true, Keith.

I've had such a variety of responses to music, depending on my mood and where I'm at. I've had songs bring back memories and tears and later the same songs bring back memories and smiles. I think you're right, Keith, that music takes us back like no other.

And sometimes, I'm not familiar with a song, but it reaches down deep and touches me in a way I have no control of. I love those moments.

I enjoyed reading your soulful response.