Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Carmel Beach on a Monday Morning

We took a weekend trip to Carmel to celebrate our one year anniversary together. Our weekend began on Sunday and ended on Tuesday. We both love the sleepiness of Carmel, the quaint fairy tale feel of it— and the ocean being right there.

I wanted to take a piece of the ocean back with me.

I noticed I’ve been recording videos on my iPod Touch here and there. The snippets are starting to collect, and naturally I decided that it was time to open a YouTube account to make it easier to upload and share.

This video is just a small clip of Carmel Beach on Monday morning. The Crow always finds me, as you will see at the end there. He was rather friendly and seemed to enjoy being close to us. I found him to be quite beautiful. The big white dog caught my attention too. You can’t hear it in the video, but each time he walked by, the sound of his clop, clop, squish, in the sand made me smile so wide.

Rebb’s Video of Carmel Beach (44 seconds)


keiko amano said...


I love Carmel. I think that's where my daughter will have their wedding. I saw a dog running. It's always great to see dogs and birds on a beach. And the sound of waves.

Rebb said...

Keiko, That would be a perfect place for a wedding. How exciting! I love watching the dogs run. They look so happy and free and the don't need to be on leash. The waves are amazing and soothing. Ahhhh....I'd like to be back on the beach, walking.