Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Music Morning

I was “cleaning up” the music that I transferred to my iPod Touch. The transfer was a pain—at least I thought it was a pain until I figured out how to do it because most of the MP3 music I purchased was through Napster and they do not sych directly with Apple. That almost had me in tears because I kept fumbling, looking at the clock, knowing I needed to get out of the house and to work, but I didn’t want to go until I conquered the task at hand.

This morning I removed all the Christmas music because it’s not the time. As I scrolled through to see what else to remove, there were some duplications—Remove. Then I saw the Calypso music and one of my favorite songs called “My Bahan Gal” by Calypso Al. It has such a wonderful, lively beat, that makes me want to swing my arms and dance around like I have no choice because the music hits me in such a way that I cannot help but swing to the groove and imagine myself on a sandy beach at sunset with a fire in the background and lots of people having a good time and enjoying life. I tried to find a YouTube with the song, but had no luck.

My music adventures this morning led me to this very short You Tube clip that is so very adorable. The music begins after 25 seconds. The whole video is only 1:08 minutes.

Caribbean Calypso (Helen and Nita – It’s a short dance rehearsal of some very cute older folks).

And then the next song that played in my list is Frank Sinatra’s “My Funny Valentine.”  Of course I found a You Tube clip for this one.

Happy day!

p.s. If you’re in the mood to read about: “Muzak History: The Background Story on Background Music,” here is the link. It’s from an online website called  They have many stimulating articles that span a variety of interests.

“Muzak History: The Background Story on Background Music”

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