Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little Beauties from the Week

Smiley Face.

Over the past week I've seen many " little beauties." I knew they made impressions on me in the moment; I didn't realize that they would keep piling up like polished stones. When I kept being gifted yesterday morning, all of the week converged with yesterday and I needed to get it out. I wanted to freeze the moments, to place them gently into a mental basket that becomes this page.  

There was the little bird family with open beaks, all four or five of them. First open and silent, then they chirped wildly, "Feed me mamma. We're still hungry." Their nest was right outside the Marshall's store, right under a sturdy post. I stood and watched until I realized they needed their privacy. 
Then there was the day in the parking garage. I was on my way to work. I didn't get my usual spot and something caught my eye up above, something hanging down out of place. Fourth floor. Another bird nest. No one was home or they were fast asleep. This nest had a loose construction. It looked like it had streamers of dainty yellow straw hanging down, long and flowing, with a hint of glimmer from the light.
And then yesterday morning, the morning that urged me to write them down. 
There was the flock of large birds in the sky that my eye's met when I turned my head left to see if it was clear to make a left turn onto the road. I paused taking in the scene with gratitude for this. They were in V formation. Where were they headed, I wondered, and weren’t’ they migrating a little too soon? 
As I continued driving to work, I felt good inside. At another stop light, the same water fountain I see everyday seemed louder and more powerful than usual. I absorbed the swoosh of the water as it gushed out, refreshing itself and me; and then the pine cones down the side street, sitting upright in their tree—little obedient pale green lights—not yet ready to greet the world. 
And these are some of the little beauties that I have picked up along the way; and how many more have I missed? Always many more to find--some to collect and some to leave for next time. Always little beauties to be found. 
After I finished this post, this song was right at the forefront of my mind.
Song: “Beauty in the World” by Macy Gray
And Today’s photo was one I took during the Fall of last year. I found it recently when I was looking through my photo albums on the computer. I thought to myself, I’d like to post that photo with one of my blogs.  But I didn’t want to post it willy-nilly. It seemed to fit perfectly—right here—today. Can you see…


Vincent said...

Yes, these things are important! I like the way you write about them.

Rebb said...

Thank you, Vincent!