Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Drops of Writing

I am trying to get my writing out, even if in little drops. I have written snippets in my little notebook. I’ve noticed that the last two times were in the doctor’s office, a time and space where there is quiet, and rather than flip through a magazine, I unzip my pouch, pull out pen and notebook and just go—write and write what will come out. I wrote a few snippets that I had intended to post because it’s nice to share and it’s nice to have a place where I can find things more easily than on my computer in the many folders and many documents that become muddy and forgotten. Just yesterday, I reread a small free write that came to me. It felt like it was only months ago that I wrote it and intended to post it. Had it been that long? It was dated 2009.

This morning, I sit here. I began by looking through the writing prompts on my new Kindle—another topic I’d like to write about: My reaction to being Kindled. I sit here typing to Bossa-Nova playing in the background. It is my morning groove into each day, my cup of coffee close at hand.

The writing prompt book didn’t help this morning. I flipped through the e-pages and decided to set it aside and write, tap out whatever thoughts came to my mind. I knew that the music was calling me, coaxing me to do what I haven’t done consistently in so long, to get those words out, to keep sharpening the edge. I have still been true to my passion for writing and reflecting, but it has mostly stayed in the notebook in my head; now I must start clearing those crevices and revisit some of the thoughts in the notebooks that I kept. There are still many more to toss out—that will be for another day.

Happy day and Happy writing.


Vincent said...

I feel immensely cheered by this, Rebb, for no reason other than I need to feel cheered, and you sound so positive and I could put myself in your shoes while I read what you have written.

May you take the thoughts in your notebooks, or the thoughts that visit you spontaneously while you drink your coffee and listen to Bossa Nova, and stare at an empty page, and may you craft them into something that beguiles you and makes you wonder who wrote them, or who whispered to you the words for you to take their dictation!

jiturajgor said...

Rebb I liked reading this and Vincent's comment too.Wishing that the best which rests in you may come soon to the pages.

Rebb said...

Vincent, It makes me feel very glad that you felt cheered. It made my day to read your words--to know that this caused a positive movement in you. Splendid!!

Rebb said...

Jitu, Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed reading.