Monday, September 27, 2010

Watching the Day

I sit on a white porcelain plate
Ten times the size of my body.
It spins slowly through the sky.

As I sit on the edge, I see trails
in the hills, the many lanes the deer
have carved across a white sky.

With my eyes, body, and
soul, I absorb nature’s strength this
Monday morning. I see the great Buck,
cautiously leading his family in the hills.
His tail twirls, his head is low as he nibbles on
some treat he has found. He gives his head
A shake, his antlers move from side to side.

He moves along. His strong stance and majestic antlers
Trail behind. The large spinning plate
Swooshes back, through the trees, brought to rest.


Vincent said...

Though the white porcelain plate, so big, sounds unlikely in the real world, the vision you have whilst sitting on it is completely believable, to the extent that I believe you have the capability of "remote viewing".

Or perhaps you look up to the sky to see vapour trails and clouds, which through the alchemy of a poet's vision and skill turn into a satisfying poem.

Luciana said...

Love the ideas you´ve created, Rebb! The spinning, white porcelain plate sounds like a ship from where you can observe the world. It translates perfectly the idea of "remote viewing", to use Vincent´s words.

Rebb said...

I appreciate your thoughts, Vincent. I was hesitant about the porcelain plate because though it feels very real to me, I didn't know how it would come through, so thank you for that.

"Alchemy of a poet's vision..." Lovely words.

Rebb said...

Thank you so much, Lu! It feels so good that the feelings and space came through in words and images. And I love how you see a ship.

ashok said...

Hi Rebb, while I was away your creativity has increased by leaps and bounds. If someone could paint that scene with you sitting on that plate peering down at the deer, it would be a great picture for a fairy tale book.

Rebb said...

Hi Ashok, It’s nice to see you. I would love to write and illustrate my own children’s book one day, so that gives me great encouragement. The illustrating part has been on my mind lately—about what I would need to do to hone my skills on my own. I’ve practiced different parts of drawing and painting over the years by looking in books or taking parts of a class and a workshop.