Friday, September 3, 2010

Beginning of Fall

The blog topic of the week at RR was to either write about Summer or the end of Summer. This is where it led me. Inspired by the Squirrel's playfulness yesterday.


What’s that little squirrel? Oh, you’re collecting nuts and berries, getting ready, huh. That’s not a bad idea. Maybe I should gather some books, good Fall books, books of change, contemplation. The end of Summer brings a different flavor that’s for sure. Is there such a thing as a Summer book or Summer reading? Do you think that refers to having more time to read at our leisure or do you suppose it reflects the vibrancy and fun of the Summer sunshine?

I’ll miss the sun too, but sometimes when we have a series of grey days, it calms me. The clouds look different; the light is subdued, mirroring the rustle of the fall leaves as they make their change from light to dark, and then bareness, nakedness. There’s something beautiful about a naked tree, Little Squirrel. It lies there just itself, nothing to hide, as if to say, “don’t be afraid, look at me. I am you. Don’t be frightened.”

We appreciate the sun more when big grey clouds come. Different flowers will bloom. People’s moods will change. Doggies will bundle up in red knitted sweaters. The hills will begin to change too. Of all the seasons, Fall really does show us how to flow with change, doesn’t it Little Squirrel?

Little Squirrel?…

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Moonwillow said...

The silhouette of trees without leaves is something to admire.