Saturday, July 31, 2010

What is Love?

What is Love?

Love. What is love to me today? Am I in love with the idea of love? Do I relish in those early moments, of being on the brink—of lightness and dazzlement and suspending that moment with a locked gaze?

What is love to me today? What does it represent? I have a newfound independence and I have turned the page, have been gradually letting the pages fall back, have made my intentions clear to the universe, that I invite the type of union with a partner that is right for me where I am now and I know I have blessings—I feel it—a good sending off into this adventure should it be meant to be in this life. Today, I felt ready and I walked to the store that I sensed would have what I was looking for. I chose three to look at, all handmade of wood from Indonesia. The one I chose: Two lovers entwined, as one, side by side. Her breasts lay bare, her hand up and around to reach the back of her lover’s neck. Rather than face each other, they are side by side, they are individuals and they are one. I felt a certain feeling of the wind inside of me as I left the store, hair thrown back by the breeze, sun beaming brightly upon me, as I walked with a gait of happiness.

Currently, in Feng Shui terms, the relationship corner of my room has lone images of a dreamy woman, books, a corkboard of wisdom and images collected through the years. After first lighting incense in the stillness, I placed the loving couple here upon the shelf, as an additional intention to invite love. It represents for me a love that is free and conducive to love, exploration, freedom, depth, understanding, openness, learning—the list could go on, does go on. This feels good and strange. I’ve never stated my intention in quite this way—aloud yes—but I seal it here in my newfound lovers and my words. I kiss it to the wind and carry on.


Mostly recorded in my notebook yesterday.


keiko amano said...


You are getting better and better at taking photos. This photo is really inviting. The contrast of the colors, straight lines and angular lines. Mmm, it looks delicious.

What kind of birds is this? It's so beautiful. She seems saying, "Yes, me. I'm talking about myself and love."

ashok said...


Rebb in my experience romantic love hits when one least expects it. It is most often at a moment when one is not looking for it and the mind is preoccupied with some other pursuit. It comes for sure to those who have looked for it in the past and not at the moment.

Perhaps the reason why Nature has made it that way is because our choice may not be a real or worthy one if made at a moment we are looking for it.

It is like going to seek a rare beautiful flower in the forest. We will pick up one the moment we find a nice flower. But if we were just crossing a forest to get to the other side and our attention was suddenly attracted by a wonderful bloom and we stopped forgetting to cross the forest, that truly would be a beautiful bloom

Rebb said...

Keiko, Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoy the photo. It is called a Canada Goose or Canadian Goose. I love these geese. I added one more at the end of the blog for you.

Rebb said...


I agree with you that romantic love does seem to hit when least expected.

What a lovely image of the beautiful bloom found when not looking. Nature does indeed have a way of speaking to us. Thank you for your wise thoughts.