Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday ~ Song

Rebb took this photo on one of her walks. She is so happy she turned back around and took her camera out. She almost passed by. It was breezy, but luckily, the camera compensated for any shake.

I put together a compilation of random songs a couple of years ago, which I’ve recently enjoyed listening to daily, along with an assortment of other CDs. It has a mish-mash of songs that don’t go seem to go together, except in the unique moods and emotions they evoke, as each track plays.

At work I listen only to classical. It helps me stay focused and grounded. At home, I begin my mornings with classical and make my way around. With this compilation, it brings my energy up. It makes me want to get up and dance to high-energy, techno-house, soul, reggae, Santana, Pink—and in between it all, I’ve placed this well known beautiful piece—Time to Say Goodbye. It causes me to pause, to stop. I sway, move in a very different way than the songs before or the songs after. And here watching Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman, it fills me with so much.

It seems the perfect song for this Sunday, as the week comes to a close…


keiko amano said...


The rose looks like "Double Delight." I used to grow it. I don't know when it disappeared.

The music is beautiful and the singers are amazing. But I'm concerned that his body is a fine musical instrument and sensitive, and she leans on him. And he cannot say no. The audience could scold me saying this, "Oh,Keiko, that was just a part of performance and came out of her spontaneity." I admire her total control of the performance, but not appearing to be so controlled on her partner even if she was married to him. What do you think?

I love opera and the songs by Andrea Bocelli.

ashok said...


That is indeed a very beautiful picture of a rose along witha companion bud, waiting to burst into bloom soon.

Rose is my favorite flower and modern ones seem to come in an endless variety of shapes and colors

Rebb said...

Keiko, “Double Delight” sounds great. I like the names that roses are given.

I viewed the performance again and I see what you mean. I can see how she is leaning on him and then when I looked closer, it seems that she is also merging with him. It looks as though she is feeling and listening to his vibration. Can you imagine being that close to someone who is singing with so much heart and to literally feel it? Wow, it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

Me too. Andrea Bocelli is amazing.

Rebb said...

Ashok, I’m glad you enjoyed the rose. Maybe in the weeks to come, I will be able to see if the other bud bursts.

Yes, it does seem that roses come in a multitude of shapes and colors. I wonder just how many types there are. Hopefully, I will see more roses on my walks.