Saturday, June 12, 2010

I draw close—a bee sipping nectar, an ant drowning in sweetness, pink veins and yellow stamen—each flower, each individual, different—yet a certain sameness that binds.

Each, a unique beauty, expressed in a million and one petals falling softly on open palms.


I don't know the real names...

Seeds and Fluff

Flower Pod

White Star

Pink and White

Cherry Pink

Blue Jewel


Vincent said...

In England, the plant shown in your photos "seed pod", "white star" and "blue jewel" is called "love-in-a-mist". Its Latin name is Nigella Damascena.

keiko amano said...


They are beautiful. I love English names for flowers. They are romantic, especially "love-in-a-mist" as Vincent mentioned.
I wonder if British men are romantic or not. I need to ask K.

Vincent said...

Yes, I shall pass on your question, Keiko! And you should also ask the wife of my new brother, because she is Japanese! Her name is (if I remember correctly) Kaono.

Rebb said...

Thank you for the names, Vincent. I agree with Keiko, I love the English names and oh, the Latin name, how beautiful it looks and sounds. How nice that you have these three in England.

I'm glad you liked the flowers, Keiko. I'm a flower nut. I can photograph them always, the big ones and the teeny-weeny ones. Actually I love photographing anything that seems interesting at the moment, even dirt. I know you like dirt too. I remember you shared a photo of the reddish dirt.

Keiko, hehe. There you are with your curious "table cloth skirt lifting." That's an interesting question about romance, which makes me wonder which cultures would be considered the least romantic of the bunch. Hmm...You've got me curious now. :)