Thursday, June 3, 2010

Audubon Zoo – New Orleans

For one of my excursions, I took a streetcar into the garden district to the Audubon Zoo. It was nice being able to sit back and look at the beautiful homes that we passed. I took pictures, but it was a challenge to capture the beauty of the homes on a moving car. The spot on Canal Street where I hopped on the streetcar felt as though I could have been in San Francisco. The long city road with street cars in both directions, some high rise buildings and hotels, workers and tourists walking--the dizziness of a big city.

Here are a few of the residents of the Audubon Zoo. They seemed happy and well cared for. Since I was there close to closing, I saw some of the animals being taken to their night quarters, and you could tell that they enjoyed their routine and had a good relationship with their keepers. It made me feel good. I felt as though I had the zoo to myself because I got there just as large groups were leaving. I actually only had two and a half hours until closing, so I had to take it in at a medium to fast pace. I wish I had more time. I missed the petting zoo and the carousel, but I had a wonderful time being so close to the animals.

I love flamingos and I don't get to see them often.

I didn't write down the name of this bird, but isn't he cute? I love his hairdo.

Moss covered trees are quite a sight. The moss is so soft like silky seaweed.

A few familiars.

Louisiana Swamp.

Pretty flower and feathered beauties.


Happy Parrot Drum Dance. This parrot was so playful and started dancing, so I turned my camera to video.


keiko amano said...


What a treat! The rainbow bird in the video is rocking and singing. I love the large tree with long moss hanging. It's romantic. The third flamingo picture, I couldn't tell what he or she is doing, but it looks hilarious. And what a charming fellow the gorilla is. They all have right hairdo. I enjoyed all the photos. And again and again, what I love in your and Lu's and Vincent's photos are greenery. Green is so comforting.

Your blog motivates me to go to a zoo. I haven't gone to one for a long time. But I want a video camera like yours before I go.

Rebb said...

Keiko, You'd think the zoo pays the bird to put on such a good show :) I didn't post the flamingo picture that first showed all the flamingos in the background and then the solo bird curled up. From my view, she looked precious. I think maybe she was resting. Her whole body is tucked in, including her little beak.

I would like to visit the San Diego Zoo one day. My camera is actually a Nikon Coolpix L12 (old version). It has a button that I can switch to video and I think I can take up to 3 minutes, maybe more. I can’t remember. I think lots of digitals have this capability these days. I can just see you in a zoo, Keiko. You would love it again!